We have 2 new girls in the family!  We finally found out today that we will be having a girl, Catherine Joy (“Kate”), in February!!!  It is nice to be able to talk about and pray for little Kate by name now.  Mike and I are thrilled, and I feel like it is more real now.

This afternoon we went and got a little female dog named JJ; she is a silky terrier mix.  She is a sweet little girl who is about 1.5 years old and weighs about 20 pounds.  A neighborhood friend drove by yesterday to let us know that he had put JJ up for adoption because she and his other silky terrier didn’t get a long, but that she is a great dog.  God is so good- JJ meets EVERY ONE of our “specifications” for a dog AND she was FREE!  I am sure I will have better pics in the future, but here are some quick ones that I snapped today to show everyone.