Okay, okay… I guess I took an unofficial blogging break after having Kate.  I didn’t know anybody missed me, so thanks to my couple of friends who have encouraged me- here I am again.  I have actually thought about writing many times, but I haven’t had the energy.  It has been quite an adjustment to add another child to our lives- especially with homeschool- but we have found a new groove.  😉  Instead of diving straight into the few random blog posts I have had marinating in my head for months, I thought I would start off with a look at what we have been doing lately.  This will probably not be in any particular order; I am just going through picture files and grabbing what looks good to me. 

 Cloth diapers… I love them (most of the time). 

We went to Lake Tenkiller a few times to swim and play.

I STARTED a garden but didn’t finish well.  What was I thinking?

We had fun with our dear friends, the Mings, but then had to say goodbye when they moved to Texas.  We are oh so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel still spends lots of time with our great neighbors across the street.  He and Camille (AKA Alexa, Tinkerbell, Sugar Plum, or Toothless) play as often as they can outside. 

First day of kindergarten at home!  I can’t believe it!

Fossil hunting with dad at Roger’s house.

Lots of nature walks and nature study.

Awesome field trips with our homeschool group.

Great brother-sister times!!!!!

Dad and Glendamom came to Tulsa TWO times in 2010!   We all put our money together to get Daniel a bigger bike for his 5th birthday in October.  Then dad and I took him out and taught him to ride without training wheels.

Daniel is in the Tulsa Homeschool Choir with his friend, Grant. 

Well, that is all for now.  There are about a million more pictures that I would love to add, but I will do them in another post.  It’s good to be back!