I am so thankful that the Lord gently and tenderly leads us where we need to go and shows us where we need to study.  He has taken me through interesting studies recently.  For the past few weeks He has been leading me to do my own study on what a home should be like.   Of course there are probably countless books out there written about homemaking, but it is so much sweeter when Jesus shares His heart with me through His Word.  I have written out 16 pages worth of verses in my journal that He has laid on my heart, so I am writing this post mainly as a way of putting my thoughts together because I am a little overwhelmed by all of  them. 

As I looked up the verses, I was expecting to find more verses using the word “home” rather than “house” because it seems like a much more personal word to me.  It was completely the opposite, though.  Home was used more in phrases like: “at home”, “to go home”.  House was used more to specify a place.   The verb I seemed to see a lot with home/house was “build”, so I looked it up on dictionary.com, and here are a few of the definitions that I liked:

1.  To construct (especially something COMPLEX) by assembling and joining parts or materials.

2.  To establish, increase or strengthen (often followed by “up”).

3.  To mold, form or create (…to build boys into men).

4.  To base, found:  a relationship built on trust. 

Knowing all of this, it seems clear that a home that honors the Lord is one that is INTENTIONALLY built up by the people who live in it.  It is something that we need to work at constantly because it deserves our best effort.  We dare not be complacent and think that just because we are Christians our house will be a place that glorifies Him.  Daily I need to evaluate all that is part of my home- my actions, relationships, clothes, decorations, food, entertainment- to see if they are pleasing to Him.  Ouch!  This is a painful and life-long process, but one that is supremely important.