If you have ever eaten gluten-free bread (or even FELT a piece of it) you know what a challenge it is to find one that does not feel like a brick or a stiff piece of cardboard.  In the past I have had to toast the bread to soften it enough to make it possible to bite through the thing (so forget taking a nice sandwich along for a picnic).   I have recently found 2 breads (one homemade and one from the store) that are actually tender… PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!  The softest one that I have found from the grocery store is Udi’s.  At Whole Foods it costs $5.99/loaf, but surprisingly, Reasor’s has it in the frozen area for $4.99.  Lately I have come across quite a few $1 off coupons on the computer, so do a quick search and print one if you are going to try it out.   I like to keep it on hand for lunchtime sandwiches. 

How about homemade bread?  It has taken me a while to find a good recipe, but we finally have a winner!  This recipe is found on food.com, and here is the link: http://www.food.com/recipe/gluten-free-french-bread-180306.  I do a few substitutions: 3 whole eggs instead of egg substitute, honey instead of sugar, olive oil instead of butter, and I use raw apple cider vinegar.  I put it all in one bread pan and bake it, and here is how it looks (drum roll…)

It sure does fluff up nicely, and it is oh, so soft. 

In other news, I have had a hard time lately coming up with a big enough (hearty enough) breakfast for Daniel; I think he is finally having a growth spurt AND his tummy isn’t hurting first thing in the morning.  He is really picky about eggs– he used to love scrambled eggs with bacon but won’t eat them now- so I have been trying different options.  Since we don’t eat cereal, and he can’t have oatmeal, I have been pretty frustrated.  The only consistent thing has been bacon!  My dad calls him “the BACONATOR“!   As you probably know, bacon isn’t cheap, so I have had to find ways to use it more as a flavoring.  Last week I came up with a wonderful creation…  a breakfast sandwich.  In order to get him to eat the fried egg I decided to fry it in bacon grease to give it some bacon flavor.  Then I break up one piece of bacon (I keep it frozen after I cook it), add the egg, and serve it on “buttered bread”- Earth Balance (soy free).  Here it is:

Of course this picture shows it on an English muffin, but it wasn’t big enough, so I changed it to bread the next day. 

HE LIKES IT!!!!!!!!!!   -For now, anyway.  😉