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Oh, my dear garlic,

How I truly love you so.

You not only add flavor to my food

But are the best remedy I know!

Ahhh, garlic makes me smile.  I recently asked my family if they were going to carve a sculpture of me out of the food that most represented me, what would it be?  GARLIC was the quick answer and unanimous decision of all.  The above picture is how I take garlic when I am too lazy to make the tea (sinus drainage remedy)… Just mince a garlic clove, put honey on top and take it quick followed by lots of water.  If you are trying to give it to a baby or child who won’t go for that, GOOT (below) is the best option, and it works great.  Enjoy your garlic however you can!!!!!!!!

GOOT Garlic oil ointment
A formula that will produce miracles –
Warm 3 tablespoons of Coconut oil over stove until melted and add 3 tablespoons of olive oil.
Remove from heat and add 3 tablespoons of fresh chopped garlic.

Blend at slow speed, then at high speed for 2 minutes. Use a blender or coffee grinder. Pour mixture through a screen to remove chunks of garlic that the blender may have missed. Pour into a wide mouth jar and label it “GOOT.” Place in a refrigerator.

GOOT turns into a thick soft paste after 1 hour. GOOT, rubbed into the skin, transfers raw garlic oil directly into the blood stream. Apply on the feet of children or infants to fight infections. Rub on chest for chest colds, pneumonia or rub into nostrils for sinus infections.  Apply on rashes any place. Place on cotton swab for ear infections. GOOT kills Candida, parasites, bad bacteria and virus by direct application. In addition, it treats systemic infections by absorption through the skin into the blood supply and travels throughout the body. After two weeks, make a new batch of GOOT.

You may add 2 dropper-fulls of oregano oil (and mix well) and several drops (depending on amount) of GSE (grapefruit seed extract)
for extra strength and effectiveness before refrigeration.(the National Association for Child Development).

PS- Sorry about the irregular font sizes and styles… I do not know how to change it to make it uniform.   😦


Last year about this time we had done another test to check Daniel’s mercury levels, and it had appeared that he was finally at “normal”.  Unfortunately, we did a follow-up in 2010 that showed everything (mercury, lead and arsenic) was back up.   Although this was a bit discouraging, our doctor in Pennsylvania has been so wonderful through all of this.  I am so thankful that God put him in our lives to help out! 

In the fall we took a break from the chelator we use (Waiora Natural Cellular Defense Zeolites), and began to focus on the systemic yeast in his body.  The past 2 months have been very difficult because the energetic, happy Daniel we know & love seemed to be disappearing before our eyes.  He became more lethargic and sad, and his speech got quite a bit worse.  Just a few weeks ago we consulted with Dr. Prociuk again and learned that the “die-off” of the yeast in his gut was having a drug-like effect on him.  In addition to restricting gluten and casein free foods, we had to cut out sugar/desserts.  We also gave him activated charcoal twice a day for 5 days.  Fortunately, this has seemed to help some.  We still have to keep him off sugar for a couple more months since it feeds the yeast.   Daniel has been a trooper about all of this, though.  He really has not whined or complained about no dessert (which was really the main time of the day that he had “sugar”- even though that was really in the form of honey or sucanat in things like peanut butter fudge). 

I am the one who has had a hard time with all of this.  Honestly, I am worn out and tired of having to think about food all the time.  I wish I could just give him anything that he wants to eat!   I think I had just hit a wall lately because I feel like there are so few things that I can give him… it just makes me want to throw my hands up in the air!!!!  However, I keep reminding myself that the Lord will give me  wisdom, strength and creativity when I ask Him instead of walking around whining about it.  Here are a few of the new things I have done that he likes lately:

Chebe mixes are AWESOME!  They are made out of manioc root and are really yummy plus they are versatile!  Daniel had been wanting a hotdog in a BUN, but I hadn’t seen any GF buns (besides the fact that many GF items are expensive).  These mixes are about $2.99, and you can do all kinds of things with them.  I decided to give buns a try with it, and they came out great! 

I have been dabbling with gluten-free sourdough lately, so I decided to make some Italian herb foccacia bread using a pizza crust recipe.  Daniel really likes this (esp.  dipping it in olive oil and balsalmic vinagar).

I have been trying to come up with something other than crackers and fruit to give Daniel at meals, and then I remembered a phone consult I won on a blog with Chef Rachel (she wrote a cookbook called “The Garden of Eating”).  She suggested trying a crudite platter with various dips, and he actually likes it (it’s not his favorite, but he will eat it.  Kate really likes grabbing these veggies).  I like to serve them with homemade sundried tomato balsalmic vinaigrette- it is soooooo yummy.  Here is a link to the recipe:  I did the broccoli for about 3 minutes, and it comes out beautifully… no bitterness!  Give it a try.

Lastly, we made some GF/CF gingerbread cookies at Christmas time (I used a combo of brown rice, arrowroot and garbanzo/fava flour), and they were really good.  Mike and I actually liked them!  We topped them with some candy and sprinkles that do not have any artificial colors- they were a hit.


It seems like this is one of those times in life where everything is happening all at once.   Of course you know about the house remodeling in the early summer and the new dog we got a couple of weeks ago.  We had to get a back privacy fence put up as well as a new gate since the previous one didn’t latch (not good for keeping kids or dogs in the yard).  We also finally had our water purifier installed- it has been sitting in the garage for the 4 years we have lived at this house because everyone had told us that they couldn’t figure out how to do it.  I also got my top braces put on about a month ago- this has been an adjustment. 

Of course the biggest news (most of you already know this) is that we are finally pregnant again!!!  I say “finally”, but when I look at the situation realistically I know that God’s timing is perfect.  In fact, it is better than perfect, if that can be possible.  I have been free of mercury for over a year now, so my body has had time to recover, Daniel is ALMOST free of mercury… we are hoping that he will be by December (which means less medicine and WAAAAAY less money spent on medicine), Daniel gets more and more fun every day and is at an age where he can understand what is going on and help out.   I probably could go on and on saying why this is the best timing, but I will spare you.  We just could not be more thankful. 

The baby is due February 20th, and I am about 11 weeks along.  I have been really sick for the past month, and this is why I hadn’t posted anything in soooooooooo long.  First I was really nauseous, and then I got asthma and bronchitis.  Needless to say that this has not been the best time physically in my life.  Thankfully, though, I seem to be coming out of it, and I am hoping that the nausea will subside in a few weeks as I hit my second trimester.  We decided to try to have the baby at home with a midwife and a birthing pool.  I am really excited about this since I have been researching it for the past couple of years and had hoped that I could do this despite my previous c-section.  I have my first appointment with my awesome midwife, Ruth, tomorrow, and I can’t wait to feel like this is for real.  I have kind of been holding my breath since I had a miscarriage at about 12 weeks in 2006.  Once I get past this, I think I am going to throw a party.  Please pray for us and the safety of this pregnancy!  Well, that’s all for now.  I’m worn out, and I think it is time for a power nap.  


Aren’t they beautiful???  Today Daniel and I drove out to MercyFarm to try out some Jersey cow milk and goat milk.  The owner, Joanne Wilson, took us around to meet the animals.  We really enjoyed our time there, and Daniel got a good look at farm life.  Thanks, Shannon, for telling us about them! 


Here are the goats- they are a breed called LaMancha (yes, the Spanish teacher in me loves this wonderful reminder of Spain and Don Quijote).  As you can see, they have tiny ears that you can’t even see when you look at them head on.  Daniel had a glass of goat milk when we got home, and he seemed to really like it.  That is wonderful because I want to give him some milk that is really good for his gut, and goat milk is some of the best.  The downside is that goat milk is MUCH more expensive.  If this works out, I will probably alternate it with the Jersey milk for him. 


I saw this series of videos all together about a year or two ago.  I had heard of genetically modified foods and knew that they weren’t good, but these videos really show why!!!  I highly encourage you to watch these videos, but if you don’t have time, there is one link below to just see a shortened version.  I will do everything I can to avoid anything produced by Cargill/Monsanto, etc.  By the way, the new stevia “product”, Truvia, is made by them!  It is interesting that the government only allowed stevia to be called a nutritional supplement rather than a sweetener until Coke/Pepsi joined up with Cargill/Monsanto to make their special product Truvia!   I will run the other way!  Who knows what these people have done to the stevia plants that they are using???  It is important in this day and age to research packaged items and see where they come from.  This is why, more and more, we buy things in the most basic form and then make everything from scratch. 

Here is the 10 minute Youtube video that gives an overview.

Here is the series of videos (about 10 minutes each):

No, I am not pregnant, but I am excited!  I just found out that Tulsa has its very own natural birthing center.  Renaissance Birth and Naturopathic Center is having an open house this Saturday from 2-5.  Check out their website:


Yummy chicken stock! 

Cheeseslave (name of a blog) has done it again!  Here is an awesome post on great things to eat.  This summarizes my thoughts very well.  Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do the liver.  I think I am going to have to by Carlson’s dessicated liver capsules.  Enjoy!


Yes, this is another blurry action shot of Daniel.  I love it, though, because he was playing piano and singing in his microphone!  Have I said that he loves music?  Yesterday when he was eating dinner he told me that he was going to play violin and Sebastian would play the drums- I guess they will be starting a band soon.  Later he changed his mind about the violin and said he would play the horn and then the bassoon… it will be interesting to see what he does end up playing!  I’ve never met anyone who plays the bassoon.

Okay, I’m going to get on topic now.  I had a phone consult with Dr. Prociuk, the doctor in Pennsylvania who is overseeing Daniel’s mercury chelation.  I am so thankful to have such an awesome, knowledgeable doctor to talk to!  Now that we feel like Daniel’s chelation and speech are getting on track, Mike and I are ready to hit the next big problem area for him, his gut.  We know that he has yeast issues, but I have not been very diligent (other than giving him Candex) in doing anything about it.  I feel like I can only focus on one thing at a time because I would go nuts if I tried to do too much at once.  His gut problems have seemed to get worse lately, though, so we knew it was time to really tackle this one.  He has finally hit 26 pounds, but we know he is still smaller than he should be even though we are short. 

Here are the new changes/additions to Daniel’s supplement menagerie:  TriEnza from Houston-Enzymes, Dr. Mercola’s probiotic (wow is that thing powerful!), amino acid powder, sulphur 6c (homeopathic formula), and we are going to try using Boiron Sabadil for his allergies instead of claritin.  We are taking him off the Candex (yeast med) for a while to just focus on his gut.  I asked Dr. P if there was a certain diet that I should try putting him on (i.e. BED, GAPS or SCD), but he didn’t think that I should really even consider that right now because he is too limited in what he will eat anyway.  I am so thankful that he understands!!!!!!!!!!   The only thing he really told me to do is to avoid sugar.  Phew.  I can do that!  He said he was okay with honey, and we use that a lot anyway, so I think we will be alright.  I will follow up in a month or two to let him know how this is going and see if we need to tweak anything.  It is nice to feel like I have some direction now and that I don’t have to stress out doing all this research on the computer.  I’ll end with 2 more cute photos of Daniel and his play-doh creations!



I just read a fantastic post on a blog that I really like- “Kelly the Kitchen Kop”.  I thought I would put the link on my blog because I think it exposes the world’s way of thinking about dieting and how we should eat.  If you have a few minutes, please read it (and click on the link to the article that she mentions: “The Failure Empire: Bob Greene Rakes it in While Oprah Fails”).   Since I still have some weight to lose, I know how tempting it can be to start listening to all the low-fat gurus, but then I just have to remind myself of how to eat healthy.  When I do eat nutrient dense foods AND exercise, I lose weight.  It may be slower than starving myself, but it is much better for me.  I feel bad for Oprah and her weight gain, and I wish she would be advised by someone who was wiser than Bob Greene appears to be!

Our Natural Mama’s group dropped the topic of food this month to branch out to fitness!  Two people in the group, Nikki and Amy, have a background in fitness and took us through a good work out. 


We had a blast even though it was a tough routine.  This is what it looks like when you are a mom trying to exercise…


The kids definitely like being right in there with us!


Now you can see why it is so hard for most of us to get exercise in (just kidding, I know that’s an excuse).  We are all trying to get going these days.  Unfortunately Daniel and I have had the stomach flu and have been sick for the past week.  Oh well, some day we will get it together!   🙂