Talk about RANDOM… why in the world am I showing you these strange photos of Daniel???  Because I was hoping to show in pictures (you know, the picture is worth a thousand words idea) why we ended up sadly giving Baxter back to Niki yesterday.  Daniel had a blast with him, but he just couldn’t hold his own with a strong 50 pound dog!   They would have fun wrestling, but inevitably Daniel would get PINNED under Baxter and then Bax would chew on him (playfully, of course).  I would hear Daniel crying- because it would never happen right by me- and go running to free him and inspect his new cuts and bruises.  I was trying to show you his poor little body, but I don’t think my dying camera captured it very well (but Mike has told me that I can officially look for a new camera, so better photos from me are on the horizon).   We have consoled Daniel with the thought that we will look for a LITTLE dog when we get back from vacation because we know it has been wonderful for him. 


You just can’t beat homemade!  I had to show you a picture of one of my favorite meals from this summer… BLT, fries and garlic dill pickles.  Can you tell I’m pregnant?  The sandwich was made with homemade honey wheat bread, organic, nitrate-free bacon (I love Applegate Farms), and tomatoes from the garden.  I made the fries with organic russett potatoes cooked in beef tallow- I could have stuffed myself silly with them (wait, I DID THAT!).  Lastly, this is my first batch of lacto-fermented pickles that has turned out, but I can still do better than this.  Unfortunately, I let the garden go, and I did not have my own pickling cucumbers to use, but I did use my own dill at least.  🙂  I used the Wild Fermentation recipe for these because the Nourishing Traditions one came out AWFUL.  


Like I said, the theme today is random!  I just had to share this photo with you because it makes me laugh.  I got these phonics fridge magnets for Daniel this morning at a garage sale, and he is having a blast with them asking me to spell words.   He said, “spell magnesium, mama”… how many 3 year olds ask for that one???  That gives you a window into life at our house. 



Wow!  My awesome husband sure does send me beautiful flowers!  This is one of the most beatiful and exotic ones that I have seen; it even has a tropical picher plant in it.  Thank you, mi amor!