I ran across this photo I love of Daniel and his good friend, Sebastian Mings, from May of this year and had to post it.  It is so cute how they are holding hands going to the playground!  Now, on to my ramblings…

Most people looking at this blog already know the story about Daniel’s health situation, so I don’t want to bore you with long, drawn out story.  I will just quickly review the past year.  Last summer a pediatrician we were briefly seeing suggested that we test Daniel for autism based on his lack of eye contact and social skills combined with delayed speech.  At first I was mad, but then upon thinking through the situation, I had to admit that in my gut I knew something was different about him.  Thankfully I had been studying a lot on mercury toxicity, so my first thought was to check his mercury levels since mercury poisoning causes many autistic symptoms.  Why did I want to check his mercury when he had never had any immunizations?  Because I had 7+ (one tooth had several) silver amalgam fillings in my mouth that had mercury in them.  Sure enough, the test came back sky high for mercury; the limit of the “normal” range is 5-9, but Daniel’s score was 36!  Additionally, he was high in lead.  As a result, God led us on a journey that we are still on today to chelate Daniel and myself.  I had all my fillings removed and replaced by October of 2007 and immediately got sick from all the poison in my system.  Here is a great video, “Smoking Teeth”, that show the dangers of silver fillings: http://www.iaomt.org/  We started out detoxing our livers so that they could handle the massive clean-up job we were giving them.  After a month or so of that, we started chelation using NCD zeolites sold by a direct marketing company called Waiora: http://www.waiora.com/products/item26000-NCD.php.  My levels are now back to normal, and Daniel’s are going down.  We are eternally thankful to my dear college friend, Moneca Dunham, for leading us through all of this.  So, that is where we are right now.

The other day I ran across this article that lists the top 10 reasons why parents don’t immunize, and I thought it was wonderful.  http://nourishedmagazine.com.au/blog/articles/10-reasons-why-parents-question-vaccination  I feel like it is my duty to challenge my friends to THINK and STUDY about immunizations before they blindly give them to their children.  There are many great sites that have good information on them, so I will just mention one of them: http://www.909shot.com/  Okay, that’s all I have for now.  Over and out!